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Power Up At the Gym: Palm Beach Gardens Fitness Experts Weigh In

TITLEBOXING1102No matter whether they’re working up a sweat in a traditional aerobic activity like running, or enjoying the spectacular workout results of our Power Hour program with its unique focus on kickboxing, Palm Beach Gardens fitness enthusiasts know they’re going to need energy to keep going. One of the enduring questions we hear from our clients concerns energy drinks, energy bars, and those little gel packets — which is best for my workout?

The truth is, it sort of depends. As you might have intuitively guessed, drinks and gels are generally easier for the body to absorb; that means if you’re looking to them for carbohydrates in an extended length workout or other high-energy activity that’s depleting your carb storage, they’re going to be your go-to energy source.

The bars have their place, however; as quick, easy to carry sources of both carbs and protein, there’s nothing that can match them for convenience — plus, it’s not every situation where a drink or gel just “feels” right, because sometimes you need to bite into something to get the idea you’re putting in energy.

In broad terms, neither energy bars, nor gels, nor drinks are necessary components in shorter workouts; if you’ve got a Power Hour scheduled, or a quick 30 minutes of cardio set for your afternoon, it’s not likely that you’re going to deplete your stores built up from a normal, healthy diet — you’ll get everything you need from good healthy whole foods.

When you’re ready to join us for at the whole-body fitness center Palm Beach Gardens is discovering offers the best results in a dynamic, high-energy workout that builds core strength and balance while burning calories at tremendous speed, contact us today and discover the Title Boxing Club difference!